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I’m leaning in. Whatever that means. My mom called me after Sheryl Sandberg announced her new book and or lifestyle referred to as “Lean In.” I honestly haven’t read the book or really felt the urge to read the book. The project I’m working on is currently broken up into four Segments and each segment has an “Segment Area Engineer.”  As of a month ago, all spots were filled, then one of our guys left and I was placed as a “temporary” Segment Area Engineer. I put temporary in quotations because we really don’t know how long temporary is. They estimated 2-6 months give or take 2-3 months. This segment is only suppose to take 2 years to complete so I would have been on it for half that time. When I was “volun-told” to take this position, I freaked out. I’m coming out of the estimating office with no field experience whatsoever. This is a sink or swim situation. Isn’t fun knowing people are watching you to see if you succeed or not? No stress. I cried for a few days after the news. Some people say change is good, but I think I should be allowed to freak out for a few days. I didn’t cry because I was sad or happy or upset. I was just really stressed out. I felt at a loss of what to do next.  It’s been days since the news and things are much better. Just remember, it’s going to be okay.


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Sip the Koolaid. Don’t chug it. Look before you leap. Don’t jump off a cliff because someone else did first. Check your sources. Trust your gut. Tell them what you are thinking. Communication is key. Verbal regurgitation is a must. Working is like defensive driving but not.  Be able to back up your work. Ask questions if you don’t know what the purpose of what you are doing. Always ask. Keep on asking questions until they tell you to stop. All they can do it say no. Take notes if you have a 2 second memory like a goldfish and me. 

What I’m Wearing:

Blazer  - Gap (This is probably more than a decade old…)

Polo - Gap (I think I’ve had this top since 2010?)

Pants - Pacsun

Boots - Doc Marten Iconics

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